Bathroom trends for 2018

Happy New Year!  In this article we suggest a few things that have popped up in the design world that may be bathroom trends for 2018.


It would be difficult (and expensive!) to follow all the bathroom trends from year to year, and adapt or to change your style to what seems “in”.  However, we thought we would give you a few of our favorites – after all there is A LOT of fun new stuff out there that you might not know about.  There are often a lot of trends, that although they might be “new” on the market, can feel timeless when done the right way in your own home, so here are our suggestions of bathroom trends for 2018.


Gold  Taps

Chrome has had it good for far too long. Gold is the new colour for your taps in the bathroom. Sleek designs and minimal detailing ensure the look is bang-up-to-date, and add to the luxury feel of your bathroom. This beautiful rose gold tap with pink sink is by Villeroy & Boch – we love it!

Marble Finishes

Marble was once prohibitively expensive for most of us, but it’s now possible to create the same effect with large format marble tiles. Tile the entire bathroom and create your own spa-like retreat or just tile behind the shower to create the same effect but save costs. Either way you will be adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom.


A Monochrome Colour Scheme

Black and white is always classy. It will continue to be in fashion long after the “current” favourite colours have gone out of favour. This colour scheme is traditional for bathrooms and yet, continues to work with contemporary schemes too. You will never regret choosing a black and white scheme in the bathroom.  The Imperial bathroom ranges (one shown below), go particularly well with the monochrome colour scheme.

 Digital Showers

Digital showers are an advancement on the regular mixer shower as it incorporates the latest shower technology to ensure you get the most invigorating shower possible. Like mixer showers, it functions by drawing hot and cold water and mixing them inside the valve to your get to your desired temperature. The digital shower mixer goes one step further and provides you temperature setting options at the touch of a button, as opposed to manual setting. This gives you precise control through the use of button-controlled features and digital displays. A digital mixer shower presents an ideal accompaniment to a stylish contemporary bathroom where there’s a strong focus on functionality and design. Here are CPL Bathrooms, we love the Hansgrohe range of showers for that sleek modern look with loads of modern functionality.

 Metal Framed Showers

Imitating the on-trend look of the classic Crittall window, metal framed shower screens offer a linear, architectural look for the bathroom. Paired with luxurious marble they give a very high-end finish, but they are equally at home with simple white metro tiles creating a more industrial feel.


Patterned Tiles

The trend for patterned tiles in bathrooms is one that has been around for a while. But it’s not going anywhere. It’s best to leave the pattern on the floor and decorate the rest of the room plainly. Or conversely put the patterned tiles on the walls and leave the floor plain. It’s entirely up to you.

Bathrooms typically aren’t a place to “take a risk” or do something “trendy”. Forget passing fads. These bathroom trends for 2018 will add stylish luxury, and added value to your house for years to come. If you would like to see some of these trends, then please take a look at our website, or visit our Guildford, Surrey showroom to browse some of the luxury bathroom Brands that we can supply.