Grey bathrooms!

Grey has been at the top of the trends list for a while now for every part of the home, and doesn’t look as if it’s going to budge any time soon, but lately there’s been a particular influx of bathrooms that beautifully use this flexible hue. Is it time to move away from that old favourite, the all-white wash space?

Choose the Right Shade of Grey for your Bathroom

Grey can look different depending on the light you view it in and the surroundings near to it.

Darker than white but lighter than black, grey comes in a countless number of shades, meaning it can easily complement almost any colour. Neutral colours can great a spa-like space that doesn’t overpower, but a striking charcoal feature wall will definitely create a focal point. When pairing grey with other colours, be clear about the type of hue you’re working with – does it have warm, sandy undertones, or a pinky tinge, or is it a confidently cool colour? Experiment yourself by trying out vases or towels in different shades next to your grey and see how it changes.


Small grey is beautiful too

Its not necessary to have a generous-sized bathroom to go for a strong version of this colour? The grey trend can absolutely work in more compact spaces.

One trick is to make the most of multiple mirrors to reflect light and make the space feel larger. The small hints of grey can be complemented by grey bath linen. This makes for a put-together, finished look. Gold fittings can also give it a luxe feel, which can trick the brain into thinking the bathroom is a larger room than it is.


CPL Grey Bathrooms

Here at CPL Bathrooms, we love a grey bathroom.  Here are a few examples from our own bathroom brands that you could incorporate into your luxury bathroom design.

This look contrasts the crisp white of the Imperial sinks and toilet with the more industrial grey of the stand alone bath with centrally positioned mixer taps.  The dark grey tiled floor brings the room together.


A grey vanity unit, whether single or double sinks, can add a touch of cool colour to your bathroom.  This floating vanity model by Villeroy & Boch will add a special style to your bathroom, with matching grey bathroom cupboards also available in the Villeroy & Boch range.


Don’t forget the radiators! These Bisque beauties would add a touch of class of any grey bathroom – whether you prefer grey on grey, or silver/stainless steel teamed with other grey bathroom decorations.


If you aren’t too sure about grey, then why not go for a timeless piece, such as this towel shelf, and accesorise with grey towels.  Then if you change your mind about the colour scheme, it minimal outlay to change the look.


Here at CPL Bathrooms, we love the grey bathroom trend.  But whatever your colour preference, we will be happy to design a complete luxury bathroom or assist in helping you decide on the perfect bathroom accessory.  Visit our website to see what brands we stock, or pop by our Guildford, Surrey showroom to have a browse or speak to a member of our friendly team.